Polis market is a growing collection of graphics that can be printed on t-shirts and other useful products. Current options are based on the Polis logo designed by Wahid Seraj. Our hope is to generate enough income to keep Polis going and improving.

Click the circles above to view each option. If you find one that you like, click on the Polis logo to visit, where you can test it on your choice of clothing, bags, water bottles, mugs and phone or tablet cases. We also have an online shop, where you can find a larger assortment of products at discount prices.

All proceeds ($3.50 per item) help fund Polis's daily maintenance and future development. We're dedicated to pleasing each person who makes a purchase, and we appreciate any feedback on ways to improve. If you don't see an option that you like, we can add a custom design with your choice of color or image.