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California's High-Speed Rail
7 October 2012 | by Alex Schafran

California's High-Speed Rail is one of the nation's most important and controversial urban projects in recent memory. Some hail it as a critical step toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions in a state of 40 million people, a stabilizing ...

The 'Teeming Silence' of Condemned Social Housing
22 May 2012 | by Cristiana Strava

In the words of its most passionate biographer Peter Ackroyd, London is never silent. Even in its hushed hours, the city “teems” with the very present absence of people or business. This teeming silence can be felt and heard most acutely ...

A Beloved Boston Food Truck
16 February 2012 | by Alexa Mills

"Love at (and for) the Food Truck" is a conversation with Tiffany Pham, third-generation owner of the Momogoose food truck in Boston. Tiffany shares stories of romance, competition and service (free of charge at Occupy ...

God's Plan: On Faith and City Planning
6 January 2012 | by Alexa Mills

The connections between faith and city planning are undeniable. Faith-based groups rebuild areas after disasters, they develop affordable housing plans, and they help the poor. Additionally, social movements that have profoundly changed ...

Civil Rights Leaders Discuss Contemporary Social Change
15 December 2011 | by Alexa Mills

How do you work toward a more just world when the systems that hold it up are crumbling before your eyes? "In this period, imagination is more important than education," said the Reverend Nelson Johnson of Greensboro ...

Social Justice in Amsterdam
17 November 2011 | by Alex Schafran

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