David Madden on the Shanghai World Expo

Danish Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo 2010. Source: Gizmodo

“[T]he 2010 World Expo in Shanghai ... suggested that the horizon of politics lies in the development of progressively smarter solutions by an alliance of business, science, and authoritarian state and city governments. The global-urban problematic, from this perspective, is above all a question of efficiency and proper management, where political contentiousness, like pollution, is one more problem to be solved.”

— David Madden in “City Becoming World: Nancy, Lefebvre, and the Global-Urban Imagination,” 2012

This is part of the Polis collection of quotes related to cities.

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  1. awesome quote. this is the case in so many cities today.

  2. Yeah! At the end, everything is a problem of management... forget struggle or conflicts..! ;) So nice to live in this kind of cities..

  3. There is also this tendency in many places to think that learning from the experience of wealthy nations is the way to solve urban problems, focusing on trendy interventions that only deflect attention away from the authoritarian, kleptocratic 'leadership' that is the main problem.


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