Podcast: Participatory Budgeting in Vallejo

by Alex Schafran

Source: Participatory Budgeting Project

First adopted in Porto Alegre, Brazil, to engage residents in generating solutions to severely unequal living conditions, participatory budgeting has become a popular tool for direct democracy around the world. In 2012, Vallejo, Calif., a highly diverse industrial city on the edge of the San Francisco Bay Area, became the first U.S. municipality to fully adopt participatory budgeting.

Join me for a conversation with the Participatory Budget Project's Vallejo Community Engagement Coordinator Ginny Browne and Executive Director Josh Lerner on the potential in participatory budgeting for strengthening democracy and improving the quality of life in cities.


  1. As a complement to this interesting post, I'd like to share the link to POLIS' previous post on this issue (from 2010):

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  3. Georgia | local ecologistWed Apr 24, 08:25:00 PM EDT

    In a few respects reminds me of the San Jose Strong Neighborhoods program. It's an impressive process and look forward to seeing its spread and evolution.


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