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Pamphlet Architecture 32

by Peter Sigrist

The last day to submit proposals for Pamphlet Architecture 32 is coming soon. Pamphlet Architecture is an architectural writing competition that allows people to share their ideas, designs and theories in simple booklets for the chance of publication by Princeton Architectural Press. It has become famous, in part, for featuring early writing by Stephen Holl, Lebbeus Woods, and Zaha Hadid. This year's theme is resilience. As explained on the Pamphlet Architecture website:
By addressing the capacity to cope, the ability to bounce back, and the mitigation and management of risk, proposals are welcome that showcase a fresh understanding of the possibilities and opportunities of resilience in architecture, from the large to the small scale.
The registration deadline is August 2nd. The cost is $50, or $25 for students. There's a great collection of past pamphlet covers on flickr. I like the way there's almost no barrier to entry. It gives people a chance to reach a wider audience through a respected publisher and invigorate the field of architectural writing.

I'd like to write about web-based architectural exchange — possibly a repository for urban development proposals that includes design collaboration, fund raising and political mobilization. This could help connect designers with local communities and provide a way of raising money and support. If anyone is interested in working on something like that, please contact me any time (first and last name at gmail).

Credits: Image of Robert McCarter's winning pamphlet, Building Machines (1987), from Pamphlet Architecture on flickr.