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A Call for Urban Favorites in 2010

by Peter Sigrist

Rather than posting only our favorite topics this year, we'd like to try a collaborative list. Below are five questions to answer if you'd like, and we'll post the results. Feel free to skip any of the questions. Also, your favorites don't have to be from 2010.

1. What are your favorite music videos with urban settings or themes?

2. What are your favorite places in any city?

What are your favorite depictions of urban space in books and movies?

What are your favorite designs related to cities?
(This can be anything
that has been designed and somehow relates to cities. It might be a building, a gadget, a park, a form of transportation, a website, a policy, an event, etc.) 

5. What are your favorite urban initiatives?

You can list your answers in the comments section or send them to info@thepolisblog.org.

Credits: Image from the collection of photos at CoLab Radio.