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The Quito Climate Pact

by Jordi Sánchez-Cuenca

Quito, Ecuador. Source: Cesar Morejon

Last week, the Quito Metropolitan District Government organized the Quito Climate Pact, proactively leading Ecuador's municipalities in climate-related policy. The Quito Climate Pact is expected to stimulate other cities to create their own version of Quito's Climate Change Strategy, which combines mitigation and adaptation measures. One municipality that has already taken a step in this direction is Esmeraldas, one of the poorest cities in Ecuador, with support from UN-HABITAT's Cities and Climate Change Initiative.

Yasuní National Park. Source: Periodismo Humano

This builds upon Quito's pioneering work on climate change presented at the ICLEI First World Congress on Cities and Adaptation to Climate Change in May 2010. Quito is also a signatory of the Mexico City Climate Pact from the World Mayors Summit on Climate Change held in November 2010.

Ecuador has recognized Nature's Rights in the 2008 Constitution and is currently keeping 846 million barrels of oil under one of the most biodiverse areas in the world through the Yasuní-ITT Initiative (named after the Yasuní National Park and the Ishpingo-Tambococha-Tiputini oilfields).