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Erick Sermon on Erick Sermon

Erick Sermon (right) with the Notorious B.I.G. Source: xlyrics

"Chill and relax, I'm back in effect
Yes I'm Erick Sermon, with a brand new cassette
Yes I'm spoiled rich like top soil
Still loyal, still the MC Grand Royal
I'm still dope, I'm still no joke
I don't care, I'm still wild like Tone Loc
I'm swift, a.k.a. a black stallion
Fat herringbone with no medallion
Hello, I still got the same funk flow and, yo
I still get busy like Arsenio
When I rock I need all the girls with me
So I can be their baby tonight, like Whitney
Houston, producin a style that make her smile
To make you say, "Ooooohh chilllld!"
Bust the steps, the picture, frame it
Hall of fame it, hang it, so no one can claim it
I rule, brung my style from the boondox
Now my shit pump in the boombox
Yo Red, my ears are ringin
I can hear some girls singin
(sings) Heyyyyy, Erick Serrrmon! Heyyyayyyy!
Uhh, rock the mic honey I love the way you sway
Plus I have a question drivin me crazy
I reply hmmm ("slow down baby" — LL Cool J)
I'm ill, smooth as Johnny Gill
Gill, "My, My, My," I pack steel
So back off softie, here's a ice cream cone
Put down the microphone
Thank you, right about now I'm through
I'm ghost like Casper ... See you!"

Erick Sermon on "Watch Yo Nuggets," from "Whut? Thee Album" by Redman, 1992

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