Featured Quote: Salman Rushdie

"The city of Jahilia is built entirely of sand, its structures formed of the desert whence it rises.  It is a sight to wonder at: walled, four-gated, the whole of it a miracle worked by its citizens, who have learned the trick of transforming the fine white dune-sand of those forsaken parts, - the very stuff of inconstancy, - the quintessence of unsettlement, shifting, treachery, lack-of-form, - and have turned it, by alchemy, into the fabric of their newly invented permanence."

Salman Rushdie, from The Satanic Verses, 2006.

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Credits: Photo of Djénné, Mali, from Gabriel T


  1. wonderful quote. it's been so long since i've read satanic verses, can't even remember where this comes in the book. good reason to pick it up again.


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