Help: Architectural Emergency

by Katia Savchuk

A wealthy Mumbaikar makes the most of floor-area ratio. Actually, he’s almost certainly exceeding the permitted Floor Space Index (FSI), which is notoriously low in most parts of the city. He either got permission through special government incentives (e.g., he can build higher here because he built housing for the poor elsewhere under a government scheme) or — more likely — under-the-table bribes did the trick. Mumbai’s developers and builders are infamously corrupt.

Credits: Photo by Katia Savchuk.


  1. This calmly illustrates the frustrations of millions of Mumbaiker's, as technology boomers and industrialists have stepped blatantly into the negotiation arena with organized crime groups, only to further criminalize the land development process. A single man can build a selfish structure of such ridiculousness, while several million people are at any one time on the verge of eviction from their modest shack. Is this what "progress" looks like? "Global City" Mumbai? The master plan for Vision 2015, a joke of its own, just doesn't seem to be materializing.


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