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Anne Morgan Spalter’s Rhythmic Compositions

by Vivien Park

“Traffic Circle” is a series of geometrically patterned video paintings generated from footage of urban landscapes. Artist Anne Spalter uses a symmetrical kaleidoscopic framework to bring order to visual complexity. These rhythmically structured compositions simultaneously isolate, abstract and highlight the features and motion of the observed landscape, providing endless new ways of experiencing the subject matter. With a background in painting and mathematics, Spalter has spent more than two decades integrating art and technology into her work and teaching. She was the artist-in-residence at Brown University’s Computer Graphics Research Group and is the author of “The Computer in the Visual Arts.”

“Traffic Circle” opens this Thursday at the Stephan Stoyanov Gallery in N.Y. and will be on view until Jan. 6, 2012.

Credits: Video of Antennae from Anne Spalter Studios.

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