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Podcast: Civil Rights Leaders Discuss Contemporary Social Change

by Alexa Mills

The Polis Podcast on CoLab Radio: Understanding Change Work in a Time of Upheaval
Unveiling ceremony for the Delta Seeds program in the U.S. state of Mississippi. Source: Delta Seeds.

How do you work toward a more just world when the systems that hold it up are crumbling before your eyes?

"In this period, imagination is more important than education," said the Reverend Nelson Johnson of Greensboro, North Carolina. This podcast features veteran organizers and civil rights leaders, most of whom have already survived social upheaval in America, unpacking and examining the tremendous opportunities before us.

This conversation includes Rev. Dr. William Barber II of the North Carolina NAACP; Scott Douglas of Birmingham Greater Ministries in Alabama; Juan Leyton of Neighbor to Neighbor Massachusetts; Burt Lauderdale of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth; Joyce and Nelson Johnson of the Beloved Community Center of Greensboro, Carolina; and Derrick Johnson, President of the Mississippi NAACP.

Derrick Johnson unveils Delta Seeds, which will enable Mississippi farmers to sell produce directly to public school kitchens. This program is one answer to the question he raises: "How can we be self-directed in the quality of life we live?"

Alexa Mills is founding director of MIT CoLab Radio. The recording is part of a collection of podcasts developed by Polis and CoLab.

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