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Alexandra Lange on Writing About Architecture

The "T" building type, from Stephen Holl's "Pamphlet Architecture #5: The Alphabetical City."

“The architecture review has a basic form, one that is still valid despite changes in publishing — especially the parameters brought on by digital publishing. But within and beyond the template of theme, approach, and organization, description, argument and conclusions vary. Writing style is personal, developed over time and with practice. And one’s approach to a building is also personal. There is no shame in reviving a theme, analyzing an organization, or taking inspiration from the approach of various critics. Following in their footsteps, literally and figuratively, is how we learn. Each building or urban plan is a new opportunity to haul out the superlatives, kick the foundation, and learn from experience how it works.”

Alexandra Lange, from "Writing About Architecture: Mastering the Language of Buildings and Cities," 2012

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