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Collecting Graffiti Messages in Quito

by Jordi Sánchez-Cuenca

Alex Ron, author of "Quito: Una Ciudad de Grafitis" and "Historias de Aerosol," collects graffiti messages to recreate the social imaginary behind anonymous urban poets. In his books, he reveals the lyrical and insurgent value of graffiti, explaining that they "transgress a social order, ideological and linguistic. They are spatial digressions, messages that break with the daily routine... executed furtively, in the most silent and long-lasting moment of the night. The graffiti creator knows the risk and at the same time depends on risk, the art is in the furtiveness and constance of these aerosol creatures."

These are some pieces from his Quito collection:

When I commit suicide I wake up in Quito.

11:21pm, the guardian sleeps, the city manufactures insomnia and I THINK of you...

We are the customs of what will never happen.

Thank God that birds continue shitting on the statues.

Help the police: Torture yourself!

Helmet is a military hat that is idea-proof.

Let's reestablish the disorder.

When will the quaternary period end?

If this wall is the limit of your property, let us decorate your limitations. [below]

Forget what you dreamt of, your dreams have already been sold.

Proletarian of all countries: UNITE (this is the final call).

I consume, you consume, he consumes, we consume, they consume us. [in front of a Burger King]

Rich country of poor people, poor country of the rich.

We live the hangover of an orgy in which we never participated.

Zoociety, where are you going?

The more you fear the more you consume.

Stop looking for paradise, yesterday I burned it.

Che Gevara: God of the atheists.

Don't use condoms, AIDS and abortion are divine mandates.

We're not equilateral, let's give the rules away.

"Marx does not exist." Source: God

Dont kill ideals, they are an endangered species.

Don't loose your life earning it.

Trying to run away I found this wall.

Credits: Images from Quito: Una Ciudad de Grafitis.

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