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Featured Quote: Mark Whitehead

"[E]veryday socioecological consciousness is suggestive of new political opportunities. At one level a focus on the everyday presents an overwhelming diversity of sites around which environmental politics could be forged and conceived. But more importantly it emphasises an environmental politics which, while rooted within human experience and action, conceives of this experience within broader ecological communities of living things and objects. Consequently, an everyday politics of the environment becomes a politics which emerges from a human context, but is never conceived of on human terms alone."

Mark Whitehead, from Between the Marvelous and the Mundane: Everyday Life in the Socialist City and the Politics of the Environment, in Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 2005

This is part of a collection of quotes related to cities. They don't necessarily reflect our views, just things that may be interesting. Please feel welcome to add others.

Credits: Photo by Peter Sigrist.