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International Design Festivals

by Anna Fogel

Over the next few months, there are international design festivals being held all over the world. From the theme of “Redesign the World” at the Dutch Design Double program in Amsterdam to the Seoul competition “Design for All”, the festivals and the contributing designers push the edge of architectural, artistic and planning design. The London festival has the AVATAR exhibition, exhibiting architecture for the virtual world, and the prestigious Italian Architecture Biennale is held in Venice over the next few months. Top designers from around the world contribute ideas and the designs vary from having significant intellectual impact to trying to promote a single idea to creating a stimulating or unique experience. Below are some images of exciting, fun, or moving exhibits and designs from various festivals, and the recent New York Times article lists a number of other festivals and artists to follow.

Credits: Image of Dongdaemun History and Culture Park, the first phase of a new design district designed by Zaha Hadid, will be built around Seoul’s ancient city walls, from the New York Times. Image of Paul Cocksege's Drop, Size + Matter, London Design Festival, from http://www.morfae.com/0182-london-design-festival.