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Street Artists of Salvador: Rebeca Silva

by Carly Fox, Eder Muniz and Sosseh Valentine Taimoorian

Mixed media: spray, acrylic and pen on wood (2011).

Art has accompanied Rebeca Silva through life since infancy. As a child she lived in Itabuna, a town in the interior of Bahia, Brazil. Her seamstress grandmother and cabinet-maker grandfather were her role models, teaching her to reinvent the world through her work.

Left: Point, line and paint (2010). Right: Paint and embroidery on fabric (2010).

After graduating from the Federal University of Bahia's School of Fine Arts, Rebeca decided to devote herself to painting, woodcutting, sewing, toy art and storytelling.

Paint and embroidery on fabric (2010).

Upon moving to Salvador, Rebeca found her place in the urban world through graffiti, an important part of her development as an artist. She realized that her art could not be separated from life experience, and that graffiti offered a way of combining the two.

Rebeca at work in Salvador.

The path of Rebeca's artwork, both on and off the streets of Salvador, is on display at her frequently updated photostream.

This is the third chapter of a series on street artists in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, a collaboration between Salvadoran graffiti artist Eder Muniz and independent researcher Carly Fox, with assistance from Sosseh Valentine Taimoorian of Polis. Each chapter offers a brief introduction to an artist from Salvador based on an extensive collection of interviews, testimonials and photos. Carly and Eder are compiling this material into a book in English and Portuguese.

Credits: Photos from Rebeca Silva.

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