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Street Artists of Salvador: TarcioV

by Carly Fox, Eder Muniz and Sosseh Valentine Taimoorian

TarcioV is an artist based in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. He rarely discusses his life and work but agreed to a brief interview as part of the Street Artists of Salvador series. The following is a sampling of his thoughts and images.

When people ask about your work, how do you answer?

My work is based on the power and expression of human figures in relation to the space they occupy. On every wall, or whatever other surface, I try to offer people a chance to reflect and let go of conventional impressions about the space.

Can you tell us about how you got started doing street art?

Around the late 1990s, I always used to draw on the way to school. I saw graffiti in the street and tried to imitate it — artists like Verme and Eder Muniz, who later invited me to paint with them.

What are your artistic inspirations?

The people have been my biggest inspiration, and I have a strong connection with faith, as well as Afro-Brazilian stories and legends that tell the history of where I live.

Why do you gravitate towards black-and-white color schemes?

I use black and white mainly because of my experience with drawing in pencil and pen. I'm also interested in its graphic contrast, its connection with the written word, photos from the past and historic engravings.

What do you try to convey to the people who see your work?

I hope they can pass through my universe and feel a wealth of things beyond aesthetics.

What motivates you to work so often with a collective of other artists?

I collaborate with artists I identify with, those who I have a relationship with because we share histories. Our works play off one another. Together they take on a different life.

How would you describe the future of street art in Salvador?

Street art in Salvador has conquered many things at its own pace. I believe its time is yet to come, but we are ready.

This is the fourth chapter of a series on street artists in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, a collaboration between Salvadoran graffiti artist Eder Muniz and independent researcher Carly Fox, with assistance from Sosseh Valentine Taimoorian of Polis. Each chapter offers a brief introduction to an artist from Salvador based on an extensive collection of interviews, testimonials and photos. Carly and Eder are compiling this material into a book in English and Portuguese.

Credits: Photos from TarcioV.

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