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Rethinking Urbanism at TU Delft

by Jiya Benni

The second annual Urbanism Week at the TU Delft Faculty of Architecture will take place this Sept. 24-28. Last year more than 200 students and 80 professionals from around the world took part in conference workshops, lectures and debates organized by the platform for urbanism at TU Delft (POLIS).

TU Delft Faculty of Architecture. Source: Managing the University Campus

This year's theme is “Secondhand Cities: Rethinking Practice in Times of Standstill.” Participants will explore alternative solutions to problems linked to economic crisis. The conference addresses questions such as: What is the role of the citizen today? What is the best way of engaging citizens and involving them in projects? Is it time to explore new ways of making cities? How can virtual networks help us find these ways?

Source: Urbanism Week 2012 Committee

Urbanism Week speakers include Joan Busquets, Machiel van Dorst, Henk Ovink, John Habraken, Duzan Doepel, Santiago Cirugeda, Wouter Vanstiphout and Atelier d'Architecture Autogérée. Symposium days will conclude with informal occasions to chat with colleagues.

Check out the Urbanism Week website for more information and registration details. Early-bird registration will be available until the end of August. See you in September!

Jiya Benni is a masters student in urbanism at TU Delft, and part of the Urbanism Week 2012 Committee. For inquiries related to Urbanism Week, Jiya can be reached at contact@polistudelft.nl.

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