Outdoor Exhibit Features Overlooked Street Art

by Vivien Park

The Street Museum of Art has curated an outdoor exhibit called "Beyond Banksy: Not Another Gift Shop" in London's Shoreditch neighborhood. Banksy was intentionally left out in order to expand public knowledge of less-famous street artists.

The exhibit features museum-style placards beside each artist's work in the neighborhood. This allows intentional and unintentional viewers to learn more about public art that is often overlooked in the busy urban environment.

A map of each piece included in the exhibit. Source: "Beyond Banksy: Not Another Gift Shop"

Projects by C215, Christiaan Nagel, Eine, Invader, Mobstr, Pablo Delgado, Phlegm, Roa, Run, Skrewville, Stik and Swoon cover diverse media — from sculpture, print and painting to installations, mosaics and miniature wheat pastes. The show will last as long as the work on display.

Credits: Photos above are from the Street Museum of Art.

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  1. Congratulations!! What a nice point of view!!

    Don't you think that this can enrich the ways of "learning to get lost in cities" which Anja Wolf described here



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