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Transitory Art in Public Space

by Vivien Park

Radya is a Russian street artist known for work that makes strong political statements with striking ingenuity. He and his collaborators alter their surroundings in ways that bring creative, thought-provoking and often humorous imagery into public view.

Their portraits of six fallen solders from World War II were created by throwing Molotov cocktails onto canvases covered with bandages. The portraits graced the exterior of an abandoned hospital in Yekaterinburg until the rain washed them away.

In "Stability," riot police shields form an enormous house of cards topped with a throne-like chair. It was eventually toppled by a slight gust of wind.

More examples of Radya's work can be found at t-radya.com. Vividly documented in photos and video, their transitory physical presence lives on to reach a broader public.

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