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More Trashy Art

by Vivien Park

Trash is an unlimited resource for many artists. As readymades, trash brings into an artwork material history and ideas of waste and consumption. Three artists took these concepts to another level by adding kinetic and temporal elements and, as a result, transformed the materials into something new.

Trash Mirror (2001) was created by Daniel Rozin using 500 pieces of garbage found on the streets in NYC. The giant mosaic-like structure tracks movement of objects (and people) placed in front of it and reflects back an image using light and shadow from the tilt of each trash piece.

Air Bear (2008) by Joshua Allen Harris, is a simple anthropomorphic form made out of garbage bags. The piece goes through an endless cycle of of "life" and "death" with the help of exhaust from subway vents. Harris has received quite a bit of press for Air Bear and his recent work using mylar sheets is just as enchanting.

Foods of All Nation (2010), is a collaborative piece by artists David Ellis and Roberto Carlos. Motorized percussion beaters produce an ongoing rhythm that at once reminds me of music and of construction.

Credits: Video of Rozin's Trash Mirror from aphxtwn. Video of Harris' Air Bear from harrisdanger. Video of Ellis' and Carlos' Trash Sculptures from lamuerteblanca.