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Preparing for Hurricane Sandy

by Katia Savchuk

Stores across New York City were packed Sunday as residents stocked up on water, batteries and canned goods to weather Hurricane Sandy, expected to make landfall on Monday. Transit systems were shut down Sunday, only the second time ever that services were suspended citywide. The other shutdown was during last year's Tropical Storm Irene, which had a more modest impact than expected. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has ordered 370,000 residents to evacuate, and schools will be closed Monday. The New York Times has a live feed of the skyline as the storm approaches.

Business was booming at a liquor store on 145th and Broadway.

Members of a Pentecostal church handed out fliers on a street corner. They called the storm a warning from God.

A woman gazed out on the Hudson River from Riverbank State Park. Water levels may surge up to 11 feet, officials say.

Travelers caught the last trains before subways shut down at 7 p.m. Transit officials said no one would be allowed to camp out in subway stations because of the risk of electrocution and other dangers.

Credits: Photos by Katia Savchuk.

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