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It’s PARK(ing) Day

by Katia Savchuk

Source: Stina Jonsson

Today is the fourth annual PARK(ing) Day, a one-day event during which activists, artists and others so inclined take over metered parking spots and temporarily turn them into small parks or other public spaces, like art galleries and health clinics.

Since Rebar — a studio combining art, design and activism — pioneered the event in San Francisco in 2005, it has become a global tradition. Last year, participants created over 500 installations in more than 100 cities on four continents.

For Rebar, “PARK(ing) Day is about reimagining the possibilities of the metropolitan landscape,” especially car-oriented urban infrastructure. It sounds fun (although anyone attempting this in San Francisco should beware of our ever-stealthier meter maids and lofty fines).