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The Urban Collages of Emily Henretta

by Katia Savchuk

Emily Henretta’s collages are like the urban environments she hopes to capture: dense, untidy and colorful. With materials like polaroids and old Popular Mechanics books, Henretta constructs collages of densely stacked structures under neon skies to convey the “jumble of the city.”

The folks at Urban Omnibus talked with Henretta about her work and interest in cities. She reveals, “Most of my inspiration is culled from observation: the way a wall sits, or a net is used or abused by wind, simple everyday observations from walking through the city.”

The interview, posted yesterday, is the second in a series of conversations with artists who explore the connection between people and places.

Credits: Images of Emily Henretta’s “Stuck in Stone” and “Shaking Shelter” from Urban Omnibus.