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by Katia Savchuk

I may be partial as a co-organizer of Urban Typhoon-Koliwada in 2008, but if you are anywhere near South Asia (or not - it's worth the flight) don't miss the URBZ MASHUP workshop in Mumbai from October 29 to November 1. With a slightly different format and mission than Urban Typhoon, the MASHUP "is an opportunity for urban practitioners to collectively explore localities, streets and neighbourhoods, bring in their own experiences to produce new ways of looking at, visualizing and imagining the city."

The JJ School of Art and Architecture will host the workshop, which will focus on some of the oldest areas of the city, stretching from Chowpatty to Crawford Market. Architects, planners, designers, writers, activists, film-makers, photographers and anyone else interested, from anywhere in the world, are welcome. Register online: http://urbz.net/workshops/mashup/mumbai.