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Andreas Huyssen on the Crisis of History

“Historical memory today is not what it used to be. It used to mark the relation of a community or a nation to its past, but the boundary between past and present used to be stronger and more stable than it appears to be today. Untold recent and not so recent pasts impinge upon the present through modern media of reproduction like photography, film, recorded music, and the internet, as well as through the explosion of historical scholarship and an ever more voracious museal culture. The past has become part of the present in ways simply unimaginable in earlier centuries. As a result, temporal boundaries have weakened just as the experiential dimension of space has shrunk as a result of modern means of transportation and communication.”

Andreas Huyssen, Present Pasts: Urban Palimpsests and the Politics of Memory, 2003.

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Credits: Photo of Towers of Light by Julian LaVerdiere.

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