Urban Intersections: A Group Post

by Katia Savchuk

Inspired by Camilo Jose Vergara’s recent photo essay on a Harlem intersection in Slate, the Polis team decided to try our hand(s) at urban photo-documentation. In our first group post, we present a collage of street corners and crossings from our urban environments across the globe. This is where our cities intersect.

Credits: Photo of 125th and Lexington by Camilo Jose Vergara from Slate.


  1. "Intersection" is such a loaded term, and a fitting one to explore via the internet. Place and cyberspace, roads, cultures, neighborhoods, past, present, future, points of view...intersections are of crucial importance. I love that this was a more or less simultaneous posting from six (and counting) different towns, cities, states, or countries, by six (and counting) different authors. Blogging has yet to really break out of the linear, newspaper article paradigm, and is capable of so much more. These little snippets leave me wanting more (more photos, more of the narrative, maps for context), but I suppose that's not a bad thing. :)

  2. These are interesting ideas, Josh. Thank you for bringing them up. I imagine that everyone took more photos than we could display, and maybe they could be used for more-detailed, follow-up posts. It would be good to be able to take submissions from readers as well, kind of like the Great Public Spaces feature on the Project for Public Spaces site.

  3. Just finished. Fantastic idea, and well-executed. I agree with Josh: I left each post wanting more. But I think that's part of why this series seems so effective.


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