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Gerald Danzer on Critical Mapping

Planting Calendar from James Corner Field Operations. Source: Philip Speranza

“You can start looking at what’s on the map, what is not on the map. What is missing? How is it packaged? How is it framed? How is it meant to be used? We don't know a lot of these things, by the way. It’s like any historical document that you get. That it tends to all of a sudden put things together spatially, and say, ‘Well, what implication does it have? What does that mean? Why is this cartographer emphasizing this dimension?’ ... And we might, in our minds, think about alternative ways, alternative audiences, alternative purposes. And once you start playing with the map like that, it's a series of questions and answers and arguments, and delivery systems if you wish.”

— Gerald Danzer in “Analyzing Maps,” 2003-2005

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